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Communicative Negotiation in Cinema and Television

Communicative Negotiation in Cinema and Television
titolo Communicative Negotiation in Cinema and Television
Collana Strumenti/Media spettacolo e processi culturali/Quaderni dello Stars
Editore Vita e pensiero
Formato Libro
Pagine 72
Pubblicazione 2002
ISBN 9788834309766

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Collected in this volume are four essays based on the concept of communicative negotiation. The concept of negotiation has proved very useful in understanding the connection between media communication strategies and the reception modes of the subjects. In particular, negotiation properly describes communication pro-cesses as a moment of interaction, in which the definition of a meaning, of a point of view, of a goal, etc. results from a confrontation between communicating partners. But the notion of communicative negotiation may be applied also to define how a text places itself in the social space, how it opens itself to particular uses, and how it corresponds with the network of other social discourses. In this book the notion of communicative negotiation is applied to the study of mass media phenomena of which cinema is an example, and it is correlated to other key concepts, such as communicative situation, co-operation, pact.

Biografia dell'autore

Francesco Casetti is full professor in Cinema and Television in the Department of Sciences of Communication and Performing Arts at the Università Cattolica of Milan. He previously taught at the Université de Paris III, at the University of Iowa and at the University of California in Berkeley, where he served the Chair of Italian Studies. He is the author of Inside the Gaze. “The Fiction Film and its Spectator” (1999) and “Theories of Cinema. 1945-1995” (1999).

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